About me

Hello! *Waves*

       Originally from an agricultural background, I've had various jobs since then and spent the last decade in horticulture. Now I'm part of the grounds team at a school. I've always had a love of music which explains why the baking blog got born with its musical bent. I participate in an Am-Dram group who are the main recipients of my baking experiments.

Contact: bakingbeats (at) hotmail (dot) co (dot) uk

My little shed.

Bits and Pieces of who I've been, in Photo form :)

Me and my baby pyramid stage.

As soon as you step onto Glastonbury soil....

Group B lushness. I'd like one please. 

Agricultural times.

Enjoying Bruge.

I miss having a 'Blade.

STOP PRESS!!! I have a blade!! :D Iddybiddyblade! :)

Where I was brought up. Chippy dog surveying her land.

The best way to take in the Somerset landscape is via zebra-chair!

Oooh, I remember you!

PS3 GT5 addiction took over for a while. The best fun - Mini holding off the big boys around Nordschlieffe :)

I remember you as well!

Just look at the power in this dramatic performance!

An 80's fancy dress party I went to dressed as the Falkland Islands.

Google Street view car caught me working! Phew. 

No, I'm not sure why either.

The lunatic asylum that was The Three Lions. 

My moment in the NME.


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